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Beer Selection

With easily one of the best beer selections in the Westchester and Rockland County areas (if not all of New York), DeCicco’s beer showcase has been met with positive acclaim from such reputable sources as Ale Street News and on many occasions.  We have meticulously assembled a beer selection that numbers in the hundreds and derives from every corner of the world.  From obscure microbrews to popular mainstream brands, rare international brews to the best domestic varieties that are brewed only miles from our stores, we have assembled only the best of the best in the entire world under our roof, making for a beer selection that puts beer aficionados in awe time and time again.  You would be extremely hard pressed to find a beer selection like ours anywhere else, so whether you’re looking to pick up your favorite brand of beer, or are looking to experiment with something completely new and different, DeCicco’s has the perfect selection to let your taste buds take a tour of the best beers the world has to offer.

In addition to browsing our selection, be sure to keep an eye out for many of the special beer tastings we hold throughout the year in our Ardsley store.  We love showcasing various different beer and cheese pairings alongside knowledgable members of breweries such as Sam Adams and Dogfish Head to spread awareness of the vast number of culinary uses that beer can offer, so be sure to sign up for any future events that we may schedule.