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Ecce Panis and La Brea Breads


With every loaf of bread, Ecce Panis and La Brea set the bar of quality and freshness higher and higher.  Freshly baked throughout the day to delicious perfection, both Ecce Panis and La Brea breads are the perfect complements to a myriad of different meals and recipes.  The delicious aroma of breads such as Roasted Garlic Italian, Country White, Country Wheat, Semolina Batard, Simple Foccacia, and Neo-Tuscan Boule permeate our bakery as our breads are baked fresh for you to purchase warm and ready to eat at any time of the day. 

Whether used to accent a home cooked meal, or just eaten alone to truly savor its unique taste, all varieties of Ecce Panis and La Brea breads never disappoint.